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Are you a Sun Peaks Rental Property Owner in search of a better management solution?

Let us Increase your rental income and decrease your property management costs by working with you like a Joint Venture Partner.

The main thing that sets Top of the Mountain apart from other property management companies is our Philosophy. We know that strong relationships exists where all parties share a common purpose and vision. We understand that increasing your rental income is only part of your bottom line and that property management costs have to be minimized for you to truly benefit the most from your relationship to your property management company.

Here's how we Decrease your costs:

Which way is the money flowing?

One of the principle complaints we have heard from Property Owners looking for new management was that Owners felt like they were getting "nickeled and dimed to death." The potential for this exists because as property Owners, sometimes you share a source of income and sometimes you ARE the source of income.

  1. When renting your property, the vacationer is the source of income for you and your property manager.
  2. When you need property management services such as repairs, owner use cleaning, hot tub maintenance, or purchases, then you become a source of income for your property manager.

When you pay a management company that already profits from the rental of your property to maintain, clean, or improve your unit, the management company also gains the benefit of making your unit more suitable for renting. Since most owners are effectively a "captive audience" with regard to property management services (such as the costs of cleaning after an owner has used their own property), if the management company prices these services to maximize profitability when you, the owner, are paying them, we consider that practice predatory and not in the spirit of a long term relationship.

Here's our philosophy in a nutshell: Top of the Mountain works like a joint venture partner with our Property Owners to profitably rent their homes to vacationers. When we must perform property management services to maintain their homes in good condition and ensure they are rentable, we price our services at "just over breakeven." Our pricing for property management services allow us to offer them without losing money but also without profiting unreasonably. Your costs are minimized and our business remains focused on the mutually beneficial activity of renting your vacation home.

Our Pricing Philosophy in Action - How much do you pay to have your unit cleaned after you use it?

Our Owner-use cleaning pricing is a concrete example of our Philosophy in action.

Since our pricing strategy for this service is set to "just over breakeven" we pass the cleaning costs directly on to the owner without any markup. Our software tracks the wages we pay each staff member and the time they clean at every property is recorded for projecting averages, estimating cleaning times and for scheduling. It also allows us to pass through the actual cleaning time costs directly to you without markup.

We do the same for the actual laundering costs of linens sent to our laundry service, and finally we add a small surcharge based on the number of hours the cleanings take place to cover our CPP and EI payments on staff wages, cleaning product costs, restocking of supplies and our vehicle and gas costs.

Because our commitment to ensure owners pay only what it costs us to clean after them, we suspect in may cases we may be just "under" breakeven. We're OK with this given that they entrust us with their homes to grow our business.

Final Thoughts on How we Reduce Your Costs

Because we view the relationship to our Property Owners as a joint venture in which success can only be measured collectively, we are very sensitive to any action which profits one at the expense of the other. Because we set our property management services at just over breakeven, there is no incentive for us to focus undue energy on that part of the business.

By no means does this imply we neglect property management because we are home owners ourselves and understand how valuable your investment is to you, not to mention that if your property is unrentable due to lack of care, we all lose out (including the potential renter!). However, with the profit motive removed from our actions, we work diligently and efficiently to care for your investment so our attention can be returned to attributives which are mutually beneficial.

If a company intends to make a profit from a given activity such as the property management aspects of their service, you can be sure they will focus their attention on that part of their business as often and as profitably as they can, especially when the rental market is depressed.

If you choose Top of the Mountain to manage your Sun Peaks rental property, we will manage your property as cost effectively as we can so that the majority of our time will be spent on those activities which generate revenue for us both, namely marketing, list building, and relationship building with businesses who are in contact with our potential rental market. Contact Us Now to discuss your needs and interests.

Here's how we Increase your revenue:

The basics of our agreement - 60/40 (Owner/Top Of The Mountain)

Before we explain our agreement, we want you to know that we are truly grateful to our Owners for allowing us the opportunity to share in the revenue potential that exists because they have used their wealth, hard work and savings to purchase a property at Sun Peaks. We know that your rental property represents a considerable investment for you and that the company you choose to manage it can't truly represent your interests without operating from this understanding. We understand, we care, and we'll do our best to earn your gratitude in return.

Our owners pay us a fee equal to 40% of the revenue we generate from the vacation rentals of their properties. From our 40%, Top of the Mountain pays for all normal costs associated with managing rentals. Your retained earnings will be 60% because we pay for all of the following from our 40% fee:

  • commissions paid to booking agents, affiliates or industry businesses we use to advertise and market your property
  • credit card processing fees
  • post-rental unit cleaning & laundering
  • restocking of toiletries, shampoos, conditioners, kleenex etc., used by guests during their stay (including standard energy-saver light bulbs).

Because we pay for all the usual costs associated with managing the booking, our owners retain a full 60% of their bookings. And because the software we use to run our business allows us to track referrals and pay out commissions on them, our owners can earn more than 60% when they refer a guest...

How about a 70/30 share when you refer a guest?

While we don't generally publish our marketing techniques and strategies, it's no secret that we have implemented an Affiliate Program to allow our business to grow through word-of-mouth referrals. This same Affiliate software allows us to automatically track and pay out an additional 10% referral fee to an Owner who refers a guest. So when you send us someone who books your property, your retained earnings increase to 70%.

In fact, we'll pay you a 10% referral commission even if the person you send us doesn't stay in your property! While our normal Affiliate policy only pays additional commissions up to a year after the first booking, we'll keep paying you 10% every time that guest returns so long as we manage your property, even years into the future.

Paying you a commission for a referral has several tangible benefits to us which make it one of our more exciting policies that is mutually beneficial:

  1. We don't have to pay for the advertising and marketing costs to attract that guest ourselves
  2. Guests referred by owners always take good care of the properties and are usually the easiest to clean up after
  3. When you earn more money our relationship is strengthened as is our reputation
  4. You'll refer guests to us even when your own property is already booked

When we offer some kinds of marketing discounts, we increase your percentage to maintain your retained earnings

Because we treat our property owners as Joint Venture partners, we believe in a high degree of transparency and as a result, on your monthly revenue reports you'll often see that your share of a sale has been increased to an amount higher than 60% even when you didn't refer the guest. We do this for all kinds of reasons, but most often as the result of aggressive marketing. When we discount a booking to close a sale, depending on the size of the discount, we may increase your percentage to ensure that your total revenue is not diminished by our marketing. So long as we break even (or have minimal losses), we see that adding a new customer to our database is a long term profitable benefit to us even if in the short term we make little or no money.

For instance, we have a special referral "kickback" program, where an Affiliate who refers someone else can refuse their own commission in order to give their referral an additional 10% off our published nightly rates. Since the Affiliate is giving up their commission to help their referral save extra money on their accommodations, and since we would normally have paid that commission, we adjust our owner's share of a kickback referral sale by 6.66% bringing their total to the amount it would have been before the kickback.

For instance, if a sale of $100 would generate $60 for an owner, but we offer a kickback discount of 10% bringing the sale down to $90, we pay the owner a 66.66% commission which is $59.99 (we trust our owners will forgive us the 1 cent difference). Our Affiliate gets to help out the people they refer, we add a new name to our database for bookings in future years, and our owners retained earnings stay the same.

While this math may seem hard to follow, what we hope to communicate to you from the example is the following:

  • we market aggressively to fill your vacant unit
  • we are very innovative in our marketing and accept short term "pain" for long term gains
  • we are very sensitive to ensuring that you don't pay for our marketing costs indirectly since we already claim a 40% fee to cover these costs
  • we must have very powerful software to support this kind of marketing (we do!!)
  • we think in terms of Win-Win-Win where customers, owners and Top of the Mountain all benefit.

Final Thoughts on How we Increase Your Rental Income

While we believe in transparency in business relationships, we prefer not to publish too many details about how we market, the ways we grow our lists and all the unique and positive ways we serve our property owners. We reserve certain kinds of "trade secrets" for only those who join us by becoming our customers. However, if you are seriously interested in considering us as your rental property manager, we'd be happy to let you in on these secrets during a live call or preferably a face-to-face meeting.

If you are interested in talking with us about your property, your needs and your experience as a Property Owner, we'd very much appreciate you giving us a call or sending us an email.