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What is an Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate Program allows you to refer people to Top of the Mountain using web links sent by email or displayed on your website, or by word-of-mouth and direct introductions. We pay you a commission for each new individual or company you refer to us who rents accommodations from us for a full year after they place their first order. We also pay commissions two levels deep so you can earn a commission by directly referring a customer and/or by referring an Affiliate who then refers a customer.

For web-based referrals you must use the proper linking technology, and for word-of-mouth referrals the person or company referred must mention you specifically to ensure the proper tracking takes place.

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Why should I join?

You will earn cash with very little effort and no startup costs, and you'll be contributing to other's enjoyment of one of Canada's premier holiday destinations! Second, if you currently have a sphere of influence which includes people who might enjoy a vacation at Sun Peaks Resort, you have the opportunity to earn sizable commissions as well as ongoing residual income from repeat business. Finally, those people you refer may become Affiliates themselves and you could earn commissions from their referrals.

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Does it cost anything to become a member of Top of the Mountain's Affiliate Program?

No! It's absolutely free to join our Affiliate Program. There is no charge to apply and there are no minimum referral requirements. You can sign up today and begin referring people and earning commissions immediately.

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Does my website qualify for the Affiliate Program?

All sites are welcome to apply, with exception to sites involved in or promoting illegal activity or objectionable content; please read the Affiliate Program Agreement for full clarification of unacceptable sites. There are no click-through or referral traffic minimums so whether your site is established or new, you're encouraged to apply. You do not even need to own your own website to participate in the program if you prefer only to promote us using word-of-mouth and email. You may even use your unique web link to post referral links on public forums, blogs, or other places which invite people to network and exchange information so long as you are not abusing the rules of those sites.

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Can I join if I am not living in North America?

Yes. However, we pay all commissions in Canadian dollars. In fact, Sun Peaks is becoming very well known in Great Britian (U.K.), Australia and elsewhere in Europe.

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How do I sign up?

Simply start by entering your email address in the sign up form at the top of this page and then complete the sign up process. You will be required to accept the Affiliate Program Agreement before we issue you your official tracking link. Once you've completed the sign up process you will be able to log into the Affiliate Program member's home page where you will be given your referral link and will find other useful resources to help get you started.

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What are the ways an Affiliate can earn commissions from Top of the Mountain Accommodations?

There are two principle ways you can earn commissions. We pay a commission fee as a percentage of the accommodation rentals purchased by your new customer referrals. And if your referral makes additional bookings within one year of their first order, we'll pay you commission on those bookings too. These types of commissions are called 1st Tier Commissions.

We also pay you a commission when people you refer become Affiliate's themselves and then earn 1st Tier commissions. Each time one of your referrals earns a 1st Tier commission, we'll pay you a 2nd Tier Commission. See the commission schedule for rates.

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How many levels of commission does Top of the Mountain pay out on?

We presently offer two tiers of commission payments. The First Tier Affiliate is directly responsible for referring a customer to Top of the Mountain. The Second Tier Affiliate was responsible for referring the First Tier Affiliate.

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How often do Affiliate Program Members get paid?

Commissions are paid out between 30 to 45 days after a referral has checked out from the rented accommodation.

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How will I receive payment?

We pay all commissions by check or PayPal in Canadian dollars depending on your preference.

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What is the minimum amount of commission paid out?

We pay commissions out when the balance owing to you is greater than $20 Canadian.

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Why have I not been paid?

Reasons you may not have received payment could be: 1) you have not yet met the minimum commissions; 2) it has not been 30 to 45 days after the check out date of a commissionable accommodation rental; 3) you have not earned any commissions; 4) the money is in the mail.

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Can I have my company paid the commissions rather than have them paid to me personally?

Yes. We allow commission payments to be made to either a company or a private individual entirely at your discretion. During the sign up process you will be given an option to indicate who you would like the "payee" to be on your account. A link to let you change the payee exists in the Affiliate Program Member's section, which can be updated at any time if you decide to add a company or change the payee to yourself.

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Reporting and Tracking

Does the Affiliate Program offer reporting tools for Affiliates?

At this time of writing, we only have two simple tools for use with the Affiliate Program. We intend to improve our set of Affiliate tracking tools as the program grows. We have a click-tracking tool, which you can use to see the number of click-throughs generated from your unique referral link, as well as the number of referrals who are entered into our database and are therefore "leads." If you are using marketing techniques to pre-sell Top of the Mountain to your referrals, you can use this tool to measure changes in your marketing copy to see if those changes lead to higher click-through rates or greater lead conversion percentages.

We also have a simple report page, which shows you some non privacy-invasive information about the leads in our database referred by you. If any of your leads generate sales we will contact you to inform you of pending commissions.

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How will you know that click-throughs and word-of-mouth referrals came from me?

You must use your unique referral link provided on the Affiliate Program Member's home page, or a proper link constructed using the required rules to ensure that people clicking those links from a website or email can be tracked properly. When a person clicks on your link we store bits of information with their web browser called "cookies," which our website collects when your referrals fill the forms out. A very small percentage of people have cookies disabled, which would then negate our ability to track them.

When a booking request form or other signup form on our site is filled out by your referral, your referral cookies are captured and stored with the referral's principal contact record in our database.

These referral cookies are also used to generate a reference number which is prominently displayed near our toll free number on our website and called a "Discount Code". If your referral calls us they will be inclined to mention their "Discount Code" and we will always ask for it so that when new customers book with us, even over the phone, we will be able to track them back to you.

Naturally, if you make word-of-mouth referrals you will need to do your part and ensure they mention you or your company when they contact us. However, rest assured that we will always ask how a customer heard about us during the sales process so that we can give credit where it's due.

We look forward to paying these commissions to you because we firmly believe that helping others create abundance is the surest way of generating success and prosperity for ourselves.