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Hot Tub Services for our Sun Peaks Property Owners

Please note, we do not provide hot tub service apart from Rental Property Management. Our hot tub service levels and pricing policies are set to just over breakeven because of our management philosophy so we don't provide these services or prices independently.

Hot Tub Service Packages

Winter Monthly Service Rates - Contact Us For Rates

We have two winter rates depending on whether your hot tub has significant exposure to the snow or not.

  • Hot tub has little or no snow exposure - Contact Us For Rates
  • Hot tub is exposed to snowfall and requires shovelling - Contact Us For Rates

Both winter hot tub care prices include monthly filter cleaning and between 24 - 27 days of service per month.

Summer Service Package - Contact Us For Ratesh*

As a hot tub owner, we know that reducing your costs during the off-season months is important to your bottom line, and as part of our ongoing intention to offer our management services at just over breakeven, we have an off-season hot tub care package which reduces the monthly rate and provides special cleaning and maintenance.

This Package Includes:

  1. 1 Dump & Fill in performed in October or November in preparation for winter service.
  2. 1 hot tub lid cleaning using a vinyl cleaner specially designed for hot tub lids.
  3. Regular water testing twice a week. Naturally, if we have vacation rentals we will increase service during a guest's stay.

*Our Summer Service only includes the free lid cleaning and free dump and fill for customers who start service by July 1st or earlier and who pay in advance for the full summer service ending Oct 31st. For customers paying month to month, we still provide twice weekly water testing services.

SpaNaturally® Moss Filtering System - Contact Us For Rates**

Whether you're interested in "green" alternatives or not, converting your hot tub at Sun Peaks over to the SpaNaturally® moss filtering system will likely save you money. To understand why, read below:

At Top of the Mountain we feel a personal commitment to explore and use environmentally responsible systems whenever we reasonably can. And when a green system also saves us money and time and results in a better "product" we do our best to share our experience. In November 2010 we took the advice of our local hot tub service support and repair company, Desert Pools & Spas, who recommended the SpaNaturally® product when we spoke about our interest in finding a greener solution to hot tub care. In May of 2011, seven month's later, our water was still crystal clear and clean, had little chlorine smell, didn't cause skin irritation, took considerably fewer chemicals to balance and STILL didn't need to be changed.

Here's a brief explanation for how the sphagnum moss works (for a full description and videos, see the SpaNaturally® website). Bacteria creates a special kind of protective layer called "biofilm" on any surface covered with water. According to their website, "over 99 percent of all bacteria in water systems live within biofilm." Biofilm not only protects bacteria, it also neutralizes chlorine and bromine which can only effectively kill free floating bacteria and not the bacteria protected by biofilm. Sphagnum moss buffers (helps maintain pH balance), filters (binds positively charged ions which discolour water and form deposits) and reduces biofilm in your hot tub, which in turn results in more bacteria floating free where sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine are effective.

As the owner of a hot tub used in a commercial setting such as Sun Peaks, here are some of the benefits of converting over to moss:

  • keeps water pH stable at 7.4 - all the machinery, pipes, seals, and jets of your hot tub suffer wear and tear through normal use, however, the lifetime of these parts can be significantly reduced due to fluctuations in pH. In particular, low pH (acidic) water leads to corrosion. Sphagnum moss acts like a buffer to maintain water pH balanced at 7.4 so that fluctuations caused by human usage are minimized.
  • fewer chemicals needed - because sphagnum moss impedes biofilm development, hot tubs require fewer chemicals such as chlorine or bromine to sanitize the water. Also, scaling, foaming and discoloration of the water are all reduced by the moss's natural filtering effect, again requiring fewer chemicals to control.
  • fewer dump and fills - the reduced need for balancing chemicals and sanitizers results in water lasting longer and as a result sphagnum moss filtered tubs typically need dump and fills 1/2 as often. Normally, hot tubs may require 4 dump and fills per year, or every 3 months on average. Hot tubs with sphagnum moss typically require changing half as often, or every 6 months.

**Your Costs of Converting to SpaNaturally® - Contact Us For Rates.

  • SpaNaturally® starter kit
  • Water treatment conversion process (which can be seen as a slideshow below)
  • Monthly moss filter replacement-- included in summer and winter hot tub service pricing.


SpaNaturally® Moss Filtering Hot Tub Conversion Process

Click on the picture individually below to see each of the steps involved in the process of converting a hot tub over to the moss filtering system. The steps involved in the deep clean dump and fill service which is provided with the Summer Service Package are hilighted with yellow below.