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Hot Tub Services for our Sun Peaks Property Owners

Please note, we do not provide hot tub service apart from Rental Property Management. Our hot tub service levels and pricing policies are set to just over breakeven because of our management philosophy so we don't provide these services or prices independently.

Hot Tub Service Packages

Winter Monthly Service Rates - Contact Us For Rates

We have two winter rates depending on whether your hot tub has significant exposure to the snow or not.

  • Hot tub has little or no snow exposure - Contact Us For Rates
  • Hot tub is exposed to snowfall and requires shovelling - Contact Us For Rates

Both winter hot tub care prices include monthly filter cleaning and between 24 - 27 days of service per month.

Summer Service Package - Contact Us For Rates

As a hot tub owner, we know that reducing your costs during the off-season months is important to your bottom line, and as part of our ongoing intention to offer our management services at just over breakeven, we have an off-season hot tub care package which reduces the monthly rate and provides special cleaning and maintenance.

This Package Includes:

  1. 1 Dump & Fill in performed in October or November in preparation for winter service.
  2. 1 hot tub lid cleaning using a vinyl cleaner specially designed for hot tub lids.
  3. Regular water testing twice a week. Naturally, if we have vacation rentals we will increase service during a guest's stay.