Our Booking Policies

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Payment Schedule and Cancellation Policy

Payment Schedule Policy

Upon receipt of a booking for an arrival date more than 30 days in advance, a deposit will be taken equal to 1/3 of the total price. The balance of payment will be taken on the 30th day prior to arrival date for your booking.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 48 hours of making the booking and still outside 30 days prior to the arrival date, only the booking fee will be forfeit. The full deposit is forfeit after 48 hours from the initial booking while still 30 days outside of your arrival date. The remainder of your payment for the booking is taken 30 days prior to your arrival date. Cancellations within 30 days of your arrival will result in the forfeiture of the entire booking payment. A partial refund may still be provided if the accommodation can be rented for any portion of the time you originally booked. Bookings made within 30 days of arrival have a 24 hour grace period during which only the booking fee will be retained if you cancel.

To cancel your booking, you must send us an email requesting we cancel your reservation. This request must be made from the email address we have associated with the booking in our system. Once we have received your cancellation request, we will return the inventory to availability and do our best to rebook the dates previously held for you and will provide refunds in accordance with the policy above.

Pet Friendly Unit Policy

If a property is listed as Pet Friendly and you intend to bring a pet with you, a Pet Fee will be added to your booking. The base pet fee starts at $50 pretax, with an additional $25 per bedroom for the property you are booking, e.g., a Studio property has a $50 pretax pet fee, a 1BR property has a $75 pretax pet fee, a 4BR property has a $150 pretax pet fee, etc.

Property Damage Liability Agreement

About a week prior to your arrival you'll receive check-in instructions by email. There will be a link in that email to our Online Damage Liability Agreement that you will need to accept in order to receive the door codes, garage codes and detailed instructions for how to reach your home and what to do if you have any difficulties.

Below is a sample of a damage liability text as it appears on some of our bookings. The exact wording of the agreement may be different for your booking:


These terms and conditions apply to all nightly rental bookings provided at any property managed by Top of the Mountain Accommodations and Management LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “TOTM”). Where conflicts exist, these terms and conditions supersede any other terms and conditions provided by travel wholesalers, booking agents, or travel agents where the original booking request originated.

Guests understand and agree that TOTM will accept families, married couples, and responsible adults over the age of 25. We reserve the right to refuse to rent to anyone who has rented from us in the past and caused problems. “Problems” include, but are not limited to guests who cause property damage, cause noise complaints, or treat the staff or management of TOTM with disrespect.

We understand mistakes happen and that your dates may need to change. If we can make a change without impacting another guest, we provide this service once free of charge. If further changes are required, an administrative fee may be charged. Additional charges may be assessed if date changes result in a move to higher nightly rate dates. All date changes or modifications to your booking, including cancellation requests, must be initiated by email from the email address associated with the booking in our system.

We have a very strict non-smoking policy. Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed inside any of our properties. If smoking is detected or there is any evidence of smoking in the property, you will be charged $300.00 to the credit card on file for 2 bedroom properties or $400.00 for properties larger than 2 bedrooms.

If a guest brings a pet to a home that is not designated "pet friendly" and for which express written permission was not supplied in advance, we reserve the right to charge a post departure "pet cleaning fee". This fee is $100 for studio & 1 bedroom homes, $200 for 2 & 3 bedroom homes, and $300 for 4 bedroom homes. This pet cleaning fee is independent of any damage the pet may cost which may incur additional charges. Homes that are not designated pet friendly are presumed to have not had pets in them by other guests booking them and may lead people with pet allergies to think they are safe to book without risk of an allergic reaction. Extensive cleaning after a pet was brought to a home that is not pet friendly is required to reduce the risk of allergic reaction to future guests.

All of the accommodations we manage are homes that are privately owned by other individuals, groups or companies. TOTM has no ownership interest in any property we manage for nightly rentals. Each home owner decorates, equips, and maintains their properties to their own standards and while we may manage their homes for them, we make no guarantee that they will be free of defect or exactly as described on our website. While it is the intention of both the home owners and TOTM to ensure accommodations are comfortable and that all household appliances, mechanical appliances and utilities are available and functioning, this may not always be possible and TOTM is not responsible for their failure. All reasonable efforts will be made to remedy any appliance failure, subject to the time of day the failure is discovered, the day of the week and the availability of parts and maintenance people to effect repairs. Sun Peaks is located on a mountain, an hour’s drive from the nearest major city. This means that repairs are not always possible as quickly as guests would prefer. We have a “no refund” policy with regard to accommodation defects of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, defective appliances, hot tubs, or mechanical appliances; however, we may negotiate terms for compensation with a guest entirely at our discretion and on a case by case basis. It is generally in our best interest to maintain the good will of our guests so in some cases, partial refunds or discounts on future stays may be offered.

Every year, many guests enjoy our hot tubs with great satisfaction and we take pride in our reputation for quality water care for the thousands of guests who book a home with a hot tub through Top of the Mountain Accommodations.

If the hot tub is not accessible safely from the exterior of the property, hot tub technicians will enter through the home. They always announce themselves before entry. Due to the extreme consequences if a hot tub is not properly cared for, refusing access to treat the hot tub is not optional in order to protect you and your family and to protect the hot tub from catastrophic failures such as those that can occur when temperatures drop well below zero.

Hot tub water quality is incredibly difficult to maintain properly when used by many different people particularly in light of the heavy seasonal use and difficult climate conditions. Our team does an incredible job of maintaining safe and enjoyable hot tub experiences with very high uptime, but it's not possible to guarantee a perfect experience for every guest. Guests who fail to follow hot tub use standards - such as bathing before every usage - increase the challenges for our staff and risks for other guests. (Full hot tub use standards can be found by scanning the QR Code at the property.)

Further, in our environment with extreme temperature shifts and heavy usage, mechanical failures are possible without warning. Renting a home with a hot tub does not guarantee that the hot tub will be operational for the full duration of your stay. Obviously, we do everything we can to prevent or limit downtime, but want our guests to have reasonable expectations prior to arrival.

In the winter you can expect the hot tub water to be treated by a technician on average every other day, but during extreme cold events (below -15C), our team may need to visit your tub every single day to ensure it's heating correctly because a breaker trip or heating failure can result in the plumbing freezing in as few as four to six hours at these temperatures.

If we determine that the water needs to be changed due to water quality issues (note that due to chlorine levels it can still be safe to use even when cloudy, foamy or discoloured), we do our best to dump and fill on arrival days for new guests. It can take the better part of a full day for water to heat back up to enjoyable temperatures, so if this happens you may not have usage on the day you arrive until very late at night, but you'll have the benefit of knowing the water is fresh and unused prior to you.

We are not telling you this because we expect your stay to have any hot tub issues at all! We just want to dispell in advance the occassional unreasonable expectation that some rare guests have that renting a home with a hot tub comes with an ironclad guarantee.

In the event that the owner of a privately-owned dwelling elects to remove the property from the management responsibility of TOTM, or the property becomes unavailable due to a sale of the property to another owner unwilling to honor the previous owner’s booking commitments or damage occurs making the property uninhabitable; TOTM shall not be held liable by guests. However, TOTM will make every effort to move the guest’s reservation to a comparable property for that same time period if at all possible. A move of this nature may result in an increase or decrease in the rent charges depending on the property that is mutually agreed upon between TOTM and the guest(s). Only in the event that an agreement cannot be reached will TOTM provide the guest(s) with a full refund.

Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless TOTM, its owners, employees, and contractors for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with a guests use and occupancy of the rental property including, but not limited to, any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or theft of property which is made, incurred, or sustained by guests. A material breach of this Agreement by guests, which, in the sole determination of TOTM, results in damage to the premises, personal injury to guests or others, a breach of the peace, a nuisance to others, or a violation of criminal law or local code, shall be grounds for termination of guests. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in IMMEDIATE EVICTION and forfeiture of rent and/or security deposit.

Fines & Fees Explained

Fines are charged by the municipality to Top of the Mountain Accommodations (TOTM) when our guests break local bylaws and don't rectify the issue immediately when alerted to the offence.

Fees are charged by TOTM to the guest when after hours call outs are required to resolve bylaw offences. If a Fine is assessed, our Fees will include the cost of the Fine along with our call out Fees. Our call out Fees increase with the severity of the offence and the length of time staff are required to attend in order to resolve the issue (see our Fee structure below). If you are unwilling or unable (due to inebriation or incapacitated, etc) to rectify bylaw offences, our Fees do not reflect time spent so much as loss of reputation in the community, with neighbours and the costs we will spend recovering these after uncooperative guests damage our standing in the community.

Fines are assessed by the municipality when a bylaw offense occurs that is not resolved in a timely and appropriate matter within 15 minutes of notification. For instance, if members of your party are having a late night (after 11pm) hot tub and are laughing and making a lot of noise and a bylaw officer is called, the bylaw officer will call our after hours staff to resolve the issue within 15 minutes. If we come to your lodging and alert you to the problem but you do not immediately end the noise, it may result in a Fine if the bylaw officer then attends and finds the noise level to be in excess of acceptable limits (see Bylaw 0010 for more information).

Similarly, if a vehicle belonging to a person in your lodging (whether staying overnight or merely visiting) is parked illegally and that vehicle is not moved immediately after we alert you to the problem, a Fine will be assessed by the municipality which you will be required to pay indirectly when combined with our call out Fees.

Fees are assessed EVERY TIME we are called out to your residence after 11pm due to a bylaw notification that can be confirmed to have arisen due to members of your party.

Sometimes we are called, but our guests were not actually responsible for the offence and, obviously in this case, no Fees would be assessed. If the bylaw officer calls our after hours numbers but we do not pickup and therefore are unable to alert you to the risk of a Fine, TOTM accepts full responsibility for Fines and no Fees will be assessed. Fees will only be charged to you if you are responsible for a bylaw infraction. The amount of the Fee will depend on the Fine amount assessed by the municipality if charged and the severity of the offense. See Fee schedule below:

FEE Structure for Bylaw Offenses that can be

attributed to your gathering:

FEE Type


Time Required




TOTM Staff called to your lodging due to a bylaw offence NOT attributable to your gathering.





TOTM Staff called to your lodging due to a bylaw offence attributable to your gathering.

Less than
 1 hour

Satisfactory resolution. No Fine Assessed.

$100 Call Out Fee


TOTM Staff called to your lodging due to a bylaw offence attributable to your gathering.

Greater than
 1 hour

Satisfactory resolution. No Fine Assessed.

$200 Call Out Fee


TOTM Staff called to your lodging due to a bylaw offence attributable to your gathering.


Unsatisfactory resolution. Fine Assessed.

$200 Call Out Fee plus FINE amount


TOTM Staff called to your lodging due to a bylaw offence attributable to your gathering.


Unsatisfactory resolution. Fine Assessed under difficult circumstances.*

$500 Call Out Fee plus FINE amount

*When a bylaw officer is called out and fines are assessed where belligerent or aggressive behavior is demonstrated by any of the members of your gathering (people in your party or that you allowed access to your lodging during the time you were renting), you will be charged a $500 Fee in addition to the Fine amount.