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Top Of The Mountain Owners, Deb and CageTop of the Mountain Accommodation & Management is a family run business owned and operated by Cage & Deb since the fall of 2010. We moved up here with our three children (who are now all adults) to build a business and enjoy a lifestyle that few places offer. We arrived with these goals in mind:

Reasons to consider Top of the Mountain Accommodations

Whether you're a property owner looking for a company to care for your investment, or a traveler trying to find accommodations, the following are reasons you may be interested in contacting us:

Deb & Cage

We've been together for over 30 years and counting and have three grown children (and a son-in-law) who all work for our business! And while we arrived in Sun Peaks in the fall of 2010 with three teenagers in tow, today, we're grandparents twice over.

Prior to coming to Sun Peaks, Deb and I worked, volunteered, and served companies in the Personal Development industry. We are committed to the vision that happy and healthy people are always growing, always learning (and in many cases "unlearning" the bad habits and patterns which keep them from achieving their goals), and always serving others.

On the wilder side of the personal development industry, we've both jumped off cliffs, broken arrows with our throats, and, yes, we've even walked on burning coals with our bare feet. No, we're not nuts, and while we may be a bit eccentric, I think we can best be summarized as people who are willing to face their own fears in order to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves. When you meet us, we hope you'll be left with the impression that we're actually very down to earth, hard working, relentlessly optimistic, and truly interested in both your needs and who you are as a person.

I have principally worked on the information technology side of things, building the software systems used to run our business. I feel my principle talent is the ability to take complex business problems and simplify or automate a solution to them using technology.

Deb on the other hand is largely retired now helping with the grand babies to ensure our daughter and son are free to perform our business administration. However, in truth, we're both mostly just cheerleaders for our company which is made up of not only our family but several families that form the core of our business operations.

Top Of The Mountain Staff

Coby, Colin, Deklyn and Sora

Our daughter, Cobias, has been taking bookings and handling guest services for our business since she was 15. By 2023 she is one of the most competent administrators any business could hope to have. Her duties include marketing, price setting, website channel management, administrative services and training systems.

Her partner, Colin White, joined our company in 2017 providing guest services in our lodgings in the resort, but as of 2022, they purchased a home together in Nova Scotia so their children could grow up with a yard of their own (on an acre of oceanfront property for a price that would blow your mind!), a possibility they didn't see in BC. Both now live and work on the east coast, handling diapers, tantrums, bookings, emails and phone calls from Clark's Harbour, "The Lobster Capital of Canada".

Raiden & Ezzra

Ezzra, our eldest son (with the goatee in black on the right), has worked off and on for our business from the beginning. We're delighted that for most of the past three years he's worked for us in our housekeeping department checking for guest damage and preparing our homes for our cleaning teams. But to be honest, his great passion in life is music and as of this writing he's completing his level 8 theory exam. During the summers, you'll often find him in the village playing classical music on a public piano.

Raiden, our second oldest, is the Maintenance Manager for our business having worked for many prominent subcontractors in the village and even for a competing hotel before bringing his talents permanently home to us. He's an exceptional, "generalist" raised on trivial pursuit and the Internet with an encyclopedic knowledge of...pretty much everything. Feel free to strike up a conversation on any topic that interests you and you're likely to find Raiden able to hold his own.

Top Of The Mountain Staff
Top Of The Mountain Staff


My first cousin Michelle began working for us in 2020 at the height of the pandemic when she and her husband left struggling Alberta for the coast in Gibsons, BC. Michelle has principally been taking care of guests over the past few years so you've likely spoken with her or exchanged an email if you've contacted our company at all in the last year. She is now our principal property owner liaison bringing her outstanding customer service skills, patience and kowledge of all parts of our company to primarily support our property owner's needs, bookings and questions.

"Teddy" (aka Nesrick)

Teddy is a well known personality in Sun Peaks Resort. He began working for Top of the Mountain many years ago as staff, but now runs his own cleaning and building maintenance company called, TW Cleaning. While the TW officially stands for Teddy Woolery, we think it really means "Tropic Wonder". He's responsible for all our Fireside Lodge properties and can be counted on for support anywhere in the village we need him, but he's become indispensable to many besides us because of his huge heart and incredible work ethic. We've been blessed to be part of his Canadian journey. We're his Canadian family and honorary grandparents to his beautiful second son, Ocean, that had in 2023 with his lovely partner Lauren.

Top Of The Mountain Staff
Top Of The Mountain Staff

Akvinder & Manvinder (aka AK & Robbie)

For the past two winters, AK and Robbie have been the absolute workhorses of our housekeeping team. As practically every business in Canada can tell you, staffing shortages are the new rule and not the exception. Thanks to AK & Robbie who have worked for us as staff and for subcontracted staff they supply through their human resources company, JGRS Staffing, our company has been able to continue delivering great service without delays at check in and with quality controls unmatched in our industry. Along with their son, Harsimran, they're expecting a second child in January 2024.

Team TOTM Seasonal Staff

Every winter our resort expands with visitors from all over the world, and so does our company. Given that 90% of our annual revenue happens over our winter months, we'd be absolutely lost without our seasonal staff who typically save money for years to come to Canada for a couple years and at least one ski season with us. But we're very fortunate to have an incredibly high rate or return from our winter seasonal staff who very often return for a second winter in Sun Peaks working for us. While mostly Australian, we've had Kiwi's and Brits too. If you're thinking of coming for a season, see our Employment Opportunities page for how to contact us. There are far too many of you to mention but we're grateful for your contribution to our lives and the guests and owners you've served!

Thank you Team TOTM Staff!

Top Of The Mountain Staff