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Phone Numbers

For after hours emergencies, call one of our contact numbers and listen for options on our answering service.

On The Hill Contact

First try After Hours Emergency Phone before knocking on:
4106 Sundance Drive
Basement Suite
on the right side past main entrance
If All Else Fails Try:
#43 - 5025 Valley Drive
i.e. Echo Landing
Teddy Woolery

Mailing Address

General Mail:
PO Box 2
Heffley Creek, BC, Canada
V0E 1Z0
For Owner PARCELS* Prepend with:
Attn: XXXX** - TOTM

**Replace XXXX with your UNIT number. i.e. Trapper's Landing 1 would be:

Attn: TL-1 - TOTM
Unit 2 - 506 Tod Mountain Road
Heffley Creek, BC, Canada
V0E 1Z0

*Owners, please never ship larger items to this post office box! Email to let us know what's been shipped and when to expect it.

Email Us To Start a Conversation

Like so many companies impacted by the pandemic, we found our office function had to be distributed. As a result, we have staff working literally on each coast of Canada and even as far away as New Zealand answering emails and phone calls. For this reason, we encourage you to email but if you need support urgently to plan your vacation, by all means call us. But if you do decide to email, choose the email address that most likely relates to your specific needs:

Are you a GUEST looking to BOOK accommodations?
Email us at to have one of our staff generate a quote, answer a booking related question or to reach our general mailbox for any questions related to our business that don't fit into one of the options below.
Are you a PROPERTY OWNER wanting to learn about our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services?
Have you've already reviewed our property management philosophy and pricing structure on our Property Owners page? That's a good place to start if not. But if you have and you would like to learn more about our property management services, email us at to start a conversation, arrange to speak to a senoir representative of our company, see our management agreement, or just generally learn more about how we can help you reach your goals for your Sun Peaks property.
Are you a Vendor Interested in business development or a joint venture with us?
Reach out to us at to start a conversation that might lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

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