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Our Staff Are More Than Just Employees

We consider ourselves to be incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to provide employment opportunities for people from all over the world, with different backgrounds in culture, education and life circumstance. We do our best to engender a happy, friendly and playful environment where each person is able to grow personally while learning to deliver professional services regardless of their short term plans or long term goals. Read on to learn more about what sets us apart as a business that you might want to join.

Below are what we call our Working Values. Rather than a mission statement, Cage and his first employees from a business he started in 1992, drafted Two Working Values which have formed the culture of all his businesses since.


Working Value #1:

Everyone has value and should speak and be heard as an equal.

All businesses have hierarchies and structures that imply the order of management and control, but at Top of the Mountain we try to functioning more like a Team. While not all members have equal weight in decision making, we encourage open communications through all levels of our business so that anyone seeing an issue they feel should be addressed or that could improve how we operate are able to share their insights. This allows us to adapt and change our procedures and systems when new staff arrive with new experience and new insights.


Working Value #2:

Collective success is built on the growth and accomplishments of individuals.

It's not uncommon for businesses to try to restrict staff to the roles they train them in or that they show an aptitude for. So long as the staff members or contributors are happy in those roles, everyone wins. But it's often true that staff need new challenges or have hidden talents that can be drawn on. This website was helped along by Ben Norman, an Aussie housekeeper who took a one year course in web development he'd not yet had an opportunity to use. Learning about our staff's goals and skills allow us to benefit from their growth and personal evolution.

Staff Testimonials

Indi & Keegan - Fall 2021 to Spring 2023

We had the privilege of working at Top of the Mountain over 2 winter seasons and I can't say enough about what a remarkable experience it was.

Working at TOTM was like being part of a big, supportive family. The camaraderie among colleagues was truly special. Whether we were tackling busy days or shredding the hill as a team, the team atmosphere was always positive, collaborative, and motivating. It made coming to work each day an enjoyable.

The owners, Cage & Deb set the tone for the entire workplace. They were not just bosses but genuine leaders who really cared about their employees experience in Canada. They had an open-door policy and were always willing to listen to our ideas and concerns. Their understanding and empathy created a culture of trust and respect, making it easy to give our best at work.

One of the standout aspects of working at TOTM was the perfect work/play balance, especially for the snowboard/ski enthusiasts. TOTM recognized the importance of enjoying life outside of work, and why so many travelers choose to live & work in Canada, which is the snow! We had the flexibility to hit the slopes and pursue our passions, making the most of the beautiful winters in Sun Peaks. It was a fantastic perk that added a unique dimension to our work-life balance.

Cage also offered incredible work trip opportunities to various ski resorts. These expeditions not only contributed positively to our company's marketing efforts, but also allowed us to explore new places and bond with our colleagues. Traveling for work felt more like an adventure, and it was a great way to strengthen team relationships and to see more of Canada.

Our time at TOTM was nothing short of memorable. The combination of a fantastic team atmosphere, understanding and caring owners, a perfect work/play balance for snowboarding, and exciting work trip opportunities made it a once in a lifetime experience. We are immensely grateful for the opportunities and support we received during our time with Deb and Cage, and we cant wait to come back and visit our Canadian family one day!!

I highly recommend TOTM to anyone seeking not just a job but a fulfilling and enriching career experience.

Indi & Keegan

James & Ashlie - Fall 2021 to Spring 2023

We decided to move to Canada from Australia and were nervous to start our adventure on the other side of the world, however the moment we arrived we felt like we were going to be well looked after.

We went through a travel company who had organized interviews on our behalf. We actually wouldn’t have picked/applied to be housekeepers but had already been sent 3 options so went ahead with the interviews. Once we started work we knew it was the best job we could have been lined up for a winter season. TOTM was so flexible, which meant we were able to head out on the ski hill most mornings prior to work as well as start/finish when we wanted (as long as the work is under control of course). Coming over as a couple we weren’t sure how we were going to get the same days off/schedule etc. Cage and Deb are more than accommodating for couples and genuinely just want you to have the best time.

When it was time to decide what mountain we wanted to head to for our second season it was basically a no brainer to come back for a second year with TOTM. If we had to do this experience over we would 100% come back to TOTM. We got to experience trips to other mountains, so many other perks and a family away from home. Will never forget this time of our life. Thanks again Cage, Deb and Top Of The Mountain for an amazing 2 winter seasons.

James and Ashlie.

Team TOTM Job Openings

Housekeeping Supervisor/Manager

Do you have several years experience in a supervisory or manager role with housekeeping or a hotel/motel business? We're more interested in your interpersonal skills than your ability to clean because the later can be learned, but the former is the most essential skill.

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We're always looking for housekeeping staff to work on a long-term, full-time basis. But we also hire staff looking for seasonal work and strongly favour couples working and traveling together. Staff housing options available.

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Maintenance Staff

Caring for our owner's homes is Job #1 at Top of the Mountain and we're actively looking for employees or subcontractors who can help with many of the common and recurring maintenance tasks that homes typically need.

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Email us at accommodations@topofthemountain.ca for more information.